Your business should run itself

Get ahead of market with industry leading technology. Bring speed, innovation and ease of use to your business.

Cloud-based Freight Solution

Our native mobile and desktop app easily manages the most important aspects of your freight business. Freight Trans Manager gives you the tools to improve carrier/broker/driver communications, reduce costs, and save time.  


Effortlessly track and update load status

  • Tracking and updating of load status from desktop or mobile, anytime, and from anywhere
  • Updating the load status directly by your driver through an automated emailing system


Business Intelligence

  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Side-by-side visualization of the reports
  • Integration with fleet tracking systems as well as fuel card platforms


Accounting made easy

  • Instant invoicing within your environment
  • Maintaining all your expenses
  • Driver/Owner Operator/Carrier settlement and payment calculation


Why we build our solutions on

  • It is secure, fast and easy to use
  • Its innovative technologies such as AI put our customers ahead of market
  • Our customers are able to run the whole business with a mobile phone
  • Its open app ecosystem (AppExchange) with more than 3000 apps lets our customers boost productivity and grow in lightning speed

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